This week it’s Malignancy rehearsals, an OG mix Mortician song, lost versions, incomplete songs, and a little unreleased PB as usual sprinkled in 😛 (Um, so…) Join me your host Roger Beaujard as I ramble on and on and play some old songs from back in “the day”. 

Hey people!

I dug deeper into the hard drives and even went through some hard copy CDRs from “the day”. Uncovered some killer Malignancy rehearsal versions, different versions of Malignancy and Mortician songs, and a whole bunch of incomplete stuff and mini projects. All this mixed with a heavy amount of marijuana induced rambling and incorrect recollections of times and dates! Try NOT to just skip to the end for the Zombie Apocalypse original mix version 😛 Enjoy. Share. Etc. Talk at you guys next time! Thanks! \m/ \m/

Please send me your songs that you want to have played on the show.

If you want to support my nonsense you can always buy some brutal music and merch from a variety of bands at and like magic it will put food on my table 😉

Music Playlist:

  1. Primitive BrutalityUnreleased – PB27b
  2. Brutal VomitUnreleased – Brutal Vomit
  3. GRIND.botUnreleased – TalesFTC
  4. N.O.T.E. – Unreleased – Screaming On Crescent St.
  5. N.O.T.E. – Unreleased – Fuck Her Again
  6. C*nt Hater – Unreleased – AnalIntruder
  7. C*nt Hater – Unreleased – Rotten Hole
  8. Crypt Jams – Unreleased – If They Had Eyes (Unleashed cover)
  9. Primitive BrutalityUnreleased – Cannabinoid (old version)
  10. Crypt Jams – Unreleased – Blonk 0
  11. Crypt Jams – Unreleased – Blonk 1
  12. Crypt Jams – Unreleased – Blonk 2
  13. Malignancy – Unreleased – Cross Species Transmutation (rehearsal ver)
  14. Malignancy – Unreleased – Ovarian Incubation *it’s actually: Postmortem Perception (rehearsal ver) (because I’m too stupid to remember song names and just went by the mislabeled file 😛 )
  15. Malignancy – Unreleased – Motivated By Hunger (first ver no vox)
  16. Mortician – Unreleased – Zombie Apocalypse (Original Mix Version)

Band Links:

Primitive Brutality: Facebook bandcamp Merch Facebook bandcamp Merch

Mortician : Website Facebook Merch

Malignancy: Bandcamp Facebook Merch

Primitive Recordings: Facebook Website


Here’s a Google map link for location of the old “The Crypt” studio back in the 90’s! You can see the stairs leading to the basement behind what looks like iron fencing now, that’s where we rented the space. Looks like the building has been renovated nicely.


Play the back in “the day” drinking game! Take a shot of Rumplemintz every time I mention “the day” 😛 (I’m a repetitive doink)



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