This week it’s a bunch of fragmented nonsense including collaborations with other humans, origins of the WompRat project, some metalized non metal stuff, info on future Bits of Gore & Mortician releases, and a little unreleased PB as usual sprinkled in ūüėõ (Um, so…) Join me your host Roger Beaujard as I ramble on and on and play some old songs from back in “the day”.¬†

Hey people!

I play a whole bunch of crap this time around. Starts with a really different unreleased PB song then I’m all over the map just babbling as usual. No real format (because why be professional :P), just me going through some folders on my hard drive and clicking on wav files. There’s also musical content in there from a whole variety of styles, projects, and eras in between my extremely fragmented thoughts. Oh yeah and there’s a wacky techno song from KOM2’s side project at the end! Enjoy. Share. Etc. Talk at you guys next time! Thanks! \m/ \m/

Please send me your songs that you want to have played on the show.

If you want to support my nonsense you can always buy some brutal music and merch from a variety of bands at and like magic it will put food on my table ūüėČ

Music Playlist:

  1. Primitive BrutalityUnreleased РPB26
  2.¬†– Unreleased- Imperial Mouse ūüėõ
  3. RJB Christmas Parodies РThe Twelve Days of Metal
  4. Witless Fucktards¬†I Don’t Approve¬†– I Don’t Approve
  5. Witless Fucktards¬†I Don’t Approve¬†– Thanks For Sharing
  6. Mortal MassaCar РThe Maybach Murders РThe Maybach Murders
  7. WompRat РUnreleased РClose Encounters of The Worst Kind
  8. Cystic Fibrosis РDemo РTrack 1
  9. Primitive BrutalityBFlatters РThe Human Program
  10. RJB random nonsense РPowerhouse
  11. Old Man Dog Neck The Maniac Farm РRumplemintz Skin
  12. Primitive BrutalityGiger РGiger
  13. WompRat¬†– Unreleased¬†– Wompa’s Icy Funhouse
  14. Witless Fucktards¬†I Don’t Approve¬†– Selfie Queen
  15. Bits of Gore Backyard Tomb РUnholy Mix РUnholy Sister
  16. KOM2 The Green One РSpacey McGee

Band Links:

Primitive Brutality: Facebook bandcamp Merch Facebook bandcamp Merch

Mortal MassaCar: bandcamp

WompRat: bandcamp

Old Man Dog Neck: bandcamp

KOM2: bandcamp




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