Join me your host Roger Beaujard as I ramble on and on and play some old songs from back in “the day”.

Hey people!

This week I play a bunch of material off of the first couple releases I put out with bands like Black Mass, Leukorrhea, Zuckuss, and Head Trauma dating back to a million years ago. Maybe two million years ago by now. It’s another nostalgic trip down cloudy memory lane as I attempt to remember things through a marijuana fog. Say what you want about me but Desmond’s Cliff Burton tribute tune “Remember” from his Head Trauma project makes the whole podcast legit so… whatever you ūüėõ Seriously, his distortion bass tone is on point on that song. Enjoy. Share. Etc. Talk at you guys next time! Thanks! \m/ \m/

Please send me your songs that you want to have played on the show.

If you want to support my nonsense you can always buy some brutal music and merch from a variety of bands at and like magic it will put food on my table ūüėČ

Music Playlist:

  1. Black MassVoices of Fate – Intro – Ritual of Destruction
  2. Head TraumaPsychotic Episode –¬†Lacerations
  3. Leukorrhea Breeding Salvation – Breeding Salvation
  4. ZuckussRancor Rimjob – Fistgunter
  5. Black MassVoices of Fate – Eklipse
  6. Head TraumaPsychotic Episode – Think Again
  7. ZuckussRancor Rimjob –¬†Rancor Rimjob
  8. ZuckussRancor Rimjob –¬†Fartoodeetuned
  9. Leukorrhea Breeding Salvation – Starving For Violent Perversions
  10. Leukorrhea Breeding Salvation – Bloodbath Of Carnage
  11. Head TraumaPsychotic Episode – Remember

Band Links:

Black Mass: Merch

Head Trauma: Facebook Merch

Leukorrhea: Facebook Merch

Zuckuss: Facebook Merch



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